I love programming and most parts of it is trying to figure out how things can be used to make the life easier for everyone.

Symfony is making my life easier since 2012, and I’m now the organizer of the Symfony Usergroup Berlin.

I’m member of c-base the crashed space station in berlin and there I experiment with all the other carbon based beings how to interact in a future compatible style.


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Environment variables in a dockerized Symfony

2023-01-02 | #cd #ci #docker #docker-compose #dotenv #env_file #symfony

I have developed a Symfony Web-Application, and it runs locally in a dockerized environment with docker-compose. This app is going to be deployed to production as a docker container. In production the handling of environment variables and how they are passed to the container during development is different. 12 Factor App A few points from the 12factor methodology: III. Config: Store config in the environment since env vars are easy to change between deploys without changing any code X.

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