Environment variables in a dockerized Symfony

2023-01-02 | #cd #ci #docker #docker-compose #dotenv #env_file #symfony

I have developed a Symfony Web-Application, and it runs locally in a dockerized environment with docker-compose. This app is going to be deployed to production as a docker container. In production the handling of environment variables and how they are passed to the container during development is different. 12 Factor App A few points from the 12factor methodology: III. Config: Store config in the environment since env vars are easy to change between deploys without changing any code X.

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Build and push docker images to ghcr.io with GitHub Actions

2022-12-28 | #cd #docker #github #github-actions #github-packages

When you host your project code on GitHub and want to release it as a docker image for deployment or just publish it, the way to go are GitHub actions. Actions are basically hooks that can start CI/DC workflows on repository events. GitHub actions can be used to build and push images to GitHub’s Container Registry which are reachable under https://ghcr.io which is part of the package registry. The package registry is not only for docker images, it can also host quite a few other kinds of packages.

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Goodbye Jekyll, hello Hugo

2022-12-27 | #blog #cd #git #github #github-actions #hugo #jekyll

I started this blog in March 2013 when I was working for ImagineEasy when I had a few ideas to write down on how I’d work with Doctrine Repositories. I still like the idea, but I’d probably do it a bit different today. The blog and also how I’d work with doctrine. At the time Jekyll was the way to handle a static file blog. Since then, again, a few things have changed.

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